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    A young woman dares to define the strictest laws of Mount Athos: she will be the first woman to venture into the sacred peninsula exclusive to men. Will she be able to trick the monks and carry out her missing without being caught?


    Xenophile Chronicles from the Corners of the World is a collection of articles written over the years, every time that some exotic and amazing fact has caught my attention. I have traveled a lot and visited many countries. I have accompanied many tourists on the journey that turned them into travelers. I hope to encourage my readers to explore the wonders of the world too, even if it’s just through the screen or the page. Discovery should be enjoyed to the fullest, just like life itself.

    TRIESTE as you have never seen it

    No longer an obligatory stop to reach the Adriatic shores, but a surprising destination, able to satisfy all tastes. Trieste becomes more and more beautiful. Its grace will reveal itself, but you will need a special guide to venture into that non-place that was, for centuries, the flirtatious part of the Austro-Hungarian empire.
    Alessia Biasatto (Trieste, 1977) lives in Barcelona and writes novels, short stories and travel reportage.